Our article was selected to be Editors choice in J. Chem. Phys. for 2015!

The Journal of Chemical Physics is, in my opinion, the best “regular” journal to publish research on topics within chemical physics. A total of 2544 articles, communications, perspectives etc. were published there in 2015. Among these, our paper entitled “Tolman length and rigidity constants of the Lennard-Jones fluid” was chosen as one out of 65 articles to be the Editors choice for 2015! This work was performed in collaboration with Prof. David Reguera at the University of Barcelona in Spain and Prof. Dick Bedeaux from NTNU in Norway. According to the Journal of Chemical Physics , this means that our paper has been hand-selected by the editors as one of the most innovative and influential articles of 2015. In addition, the article is freely available to download through the end of 2016 and a short summary of the article will be published at the facebook page of J. Chem. Phys. All three of us are very happy and honored by this!

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