Presenting about hydrogen liquefaction at the Cryogenics conference in Prague

This week, I was travelling to Prague in the Check Republic to the 15th Cryogenics conference together with two of my colleagues from SINTEF, Stian Trædal and David Berstad. Me and David were both presenting recent progress on technology related to liquefaction of hydrogen. David presented recent research from dynamic modelling of a liquid hydrogen loading cycle from onshore storage to a seaborne tanker (see picture below). The insight gained from this research will be very important to realize large-scale transport of liquid hydrogen, as the transport between tanks represents a critical part of the value-chain, with large potential for exergy losses if not done properly. I presented research performed together with my colleague, Geir Skaugen, on design and evaluation of novel, catalyst-filled spiral wound heat exchangers which hold the potential to further improve the efficiency in the bottom part of the hydrogen liquefaction process. A paper is under development on this topic.

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