Visiting the group of Prof. Müller at Imperial College London

Since January, I have been visiting the group of Prof. Erich Müller together with my PhD-student Ailo Aasen and my SINTEF colleague Morten Hammer. We will stay here until May, and have been very well taken care of so far. We are all enjoying the “London-experience” meanwhile developing an equation of state capable of handling quantum fluids such as helium, neon and hydrogen for use in development of more energy efficient hydrogen liquefaction processes.

The first picture below shows me and Prof. Müller during a presentation at the Chemical Engineering Department at Imperial College in London. The second picture shows Ailo trying to read the book on quantum mechanics by R. Feynman as we are aiming to consistently incorporate quantum corrections into the theory. Since Ailo had forgotten his computer charger, the mobile screen had to suffice.

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