Research stay in Stuttgart

Morten and me are so fortunate to be at a research stay at the University of Stuttgart for some months at the moment. Here, we visit the group of Prof. Joachim Gross, head of the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics and Thermal Process Engineering, to learn about density functional theory for fluids, perturbation theory and collaborate on topics such as quantum fluids in porous media. This week, Dr. Thijs van Westen is also visiting Stuttgart to discuss some common projects and interests. We have had some very fruitful collaboration with members of the Gross group before, e.g. Philipp Rehner visited us in 2019, and our recent joint paper in J. Chem. Phys. ended up at the cover.

Last evening with had a nice barbeque together at a roof top in Stuttgart city. On the picture below you have from left to right: Rolf Stierle, Morten Hammer, Timm Esper, myself, Maximilian Fleck (in the background), Thorsten Markert, Christopher Keßler, Anja Reimer, Niels Hansen, Gernot Bauer, Thijs van Westen and Joachim Gross.

Stuttgart3b Stuttgart4