Thermopack is a flexible modeling framework for thermodynamic properties of fluids. It provides access to a wide range of state equations, mixing rules and tools for calculating thermodynamic properties.

Knowledge of thermodynamic properties of fluids is essential in order to optimize design and operation of processing equipment used in the energy sector. Thermopack provides robust and accurate modeling of equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of fluids, as well as mixtures of fluids, electrolytes, solids and hydrates. Advanced and accurate laboratory measurements are used to support model development. Numerical solvers are available for the most common thermodynamic operations (e.g., flashes, saturation lines, and critical points). The main applications of Thermopack has been for CCS, natural gas, refrigeration agents and hydrogen purposes.


Flexible Python wrapper

Plot thermodynamic phase diagrams easily with the most frequently used equations of state. The graphical user interface is currently running on the Windows and Linux operating systems.

Available for download on github and PIP

A limited feature open-source version of thermopack is available on github.

Written in modern FORTRAN

Can handle heavy numerical computations associated with process and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations.