Magnus Aa. Gjennestad joins the team

Magnus Aa. Gjennestad, shown in the picture below, wants to understand how to more accurately describe multi-phase flow in porous media as well as their thermodynamic properties. Fluids in porous media can exist in a diverse set of heterogeneous structures such as adsorbed droplets, free droplets, films or bubbles. Thermodynamics can give answer to what configurations that are most likely to find, i.e. those that result in the lowest energy of the respective ensemble.

Magnus is also my colleague at SINTEF who is now on leave to pursue his PhD. We already have two articles together from our work at SINTEF, on the spinodals and present challenges with modern equations of state. Together with Prof. A. Hansen and Prof. S. Kjelstrup, I have now become part of his team of supervisors at the Porelab center of excellence in Trondheim. We are currently working hard to complete a first article that gives new and valuable insight into the rich heterogeneous phase state of pores.

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